Authenticity Guarantee

On Sirius Boutique, the fight against counterfeiting is our fight. We believe that authenticity is key on any outfit and therefore, on any garment that’s sold on our site.

We do everything that’s in our power to detect counterfeit items and block their posting. Thus, you can rest assured that the quality of 99.9% of all the items sold on Sirius Boutique is real and legitimate. However, in case that an exception happens, we make sure to carry out a physical check of any garment purchased on the platform.

After making extensive quality and authenticity tests, if the item is not considered as authentic by our team, the buyer is fully refunded the total value of the item.

Our guaranteed authenticity process is simple, trustworthy and applicable at any time after the purchase has been made on our site!

Buyers and Sellers Security

Our platform is made and built around the satisfaction of you, the buyers and sellers who choose to trust Sirius Boutique to give a new meaning to every garment and to add that special spice to your wardrobe. Buyers and sellers alike deserve the best.

For improved customer satisfaction, every seller has a review system that all buyers can make use of after every purchase made on the site.

Don’t be shy! Be a part of our seller community to get a lot of perks and benefits: if you leave a great impression in all your customers and get some great reviews, Sirius Boutique will be a great source of income and reputation on our community of fashion lovers.

Satisfied or refunded

We know that sometimes things don’t go as planned.

Maybe that beautiful white dress with the roaring 20’s vibe that you just bought on Sirius turned out to be too big for an M size… do not worry! With a full 2 day money-back guarantee, Sirius Boutique is one of the few second-hand online platforms to make sure that you really create a great outfit with your purchase.

The process is quick and simple: you only need to make a return request and return the item within 48 hours. We will make sure that the reimburse arrives to you as soon as possible so you can keep looking for the perfect match!