Whether you’re a seller or buyer, the process to obtain or sell your products on Sirius Boutique is very easy and simple.

We make sure that our seller community follows strict guidelines about the quality and state of the product. That way, you will always know that you’re getting an exclusive and very delicate garments that will lighten up and give that extra spice to your outfit.

1. The Sale

The seller puts an item up for sale on our site. He describes it, takes a picture of it and fixes its price.

2. The offer

The buyer spots an item they like. He adds it to his cart, makes an order and then pays for it. Payments via credit or debit card are accepted.

3. Order Confirmation

Once the seller receives the order, he or she proceeds to prepare the package to ship the order to the buyer.

4. Delivery and Receipt

The delivery is made, and as soon as the item arrives to the seller, the order is marked as complete.