Sellers: On this section you will find tips on how to take amazing photos to sell your clothing effortlessly. This guide will always be available for you.

Tip #1

Make your clothes look like new by washing and ironing them.

Tip #2

Photograph your item in natural light, without flash or backlighting.

Tip #3

Take your item flat or on a hanger, without perspective. Don't cut and don't hold the articles.

Tip #4

Make your photo on a light and neutral background.

Tip #5

Take sharp photos that are not blurry. Set your device under " high resolution ".

Tip #6

Submit multiple photos of your article: front, side and back. The article must be easy to see and to admire. Take this in mind even if you wish to use a model to showcase your item.

Tip #7

Prove the authenticity of your luxury products with pictures of your certificates and proof of purchase.

Tip #8

Take original photos. This means that you must take them yourself. We do not accept
photos with watermarks or taken from the web.

Tip #9

Reveal the beautiful finishes of your articles with pictures of the details.

Tip #10

Remove any superfluous item that interferes with your photo: no writing, no drawing, no photo filter.